Design Insights & Strategies

The patient room, the most repetitive space in acute care facilities, offers many opportunities to incorporate evidence-based design features. This set of interactive diagrams provides access to the healthcare design evidence base in an accessible and actionable format.

Medical-Surgical Patient Room

Medical-surgical patient rooms constitute a significant component of a hospital building project, with a large body of research evidence and best practice knowledge for designers to draw upon in order to create a best design that successfully addresses unique issues in the design of each project.

Intensive Care Unit Patient Room

Intensive care unit (ICU) patient rooms serve critically ill patients. With requirements for close monitoring and observation, as well as specialized equipment and technology, the physical environment can be frightening for families and requires special considerations to optimize staff efficiency, promote quality care and safety of patients, and support loved ones.

Maternity Care Patient Room

Maternity care patient rooms (typically LDR and LDRP rooms) represent a specialty design area that requires expertise, knowledge, and attention on the whole birthing process, which is often a time of great expectations, excitement, as well as pain and anxiety.